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The Arts and Music Line vision is to create an iconic transportation network that will enliven the community. It will create an active transportation network with interactive arts and music so people can travel to a variety of places in the region.

New active transportation facilities and the transformation of existing routes will create connections to key destinations and establish a new public space that can only be experienced without a vehicle. 



The project creates a safe route connecting schools, affordable housing, and retail and employment centers in the urbanized parts of Coachella, Indio, and La Quinta. The route is primarily along Avenue 48, a major east-west arterial with high speeds and an incomplete bicycle infrastructure. The east end extends along Dillon Road to the Spotlight 29 Casino. The west end will extend south along Washington Street and then further west and south along Eisenhower Drive, connecting to the Bear Creek Trailhead. It provides three connections to the CV Link, a 
50-mile multi-modal pathway under construction. 

The route is a mix of Class I and Class IV design, mainly utilizing existing road right-of-ways and sidewalks. It is wide enough to accommodate multiple modes of travel. It is a two-way facility that uses a solar-lighted barrier system to provide much-needed safety features and therefore users avoid conflicts with the faster conventional vehicles on this arterial. In addition to the CV Link, the route creates connections to previously-funded ATP projects in Coachella and La Quinta.

The route will foster community engagement, enhance mobility, increase non-motorized mobility, improve public health, and reduce greenhouse gases.



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